A New Love


A New Love

Life fills with promise
and fresh enthusiasm

The two have yet to feel a hint
of breeze before a storm—

even the blue sky is
emptied of clouds, and

the sun shines warm
morning and night


by Lori Lipsky
photo credit: Maica/istockphoto

22 thoughts on “A New Love

  1. Brilliant! Even the blue sky is emptied of clouds… I suspect with this couple, that even if a tornado siren blew, they’d be blissfully unaware! 🙂

  2. New love ? Does not seem in the cards for this old bachelor(twice divorced). But everyone seems to have so much unpleasant baggage(so do I to be fair) and I certainly don’t want those gray clouds. Grandchildren full the void just fine for me.

  3. “The two have yet to feel a hint
    of breeze before a storm—”
    This describes my eldest and her young suitor perfectly! It’s such a joy to witness–and it helps to remind me of when it was that way for my husband and I. Sweet memories.

  4. Beautiful my friend. You’re poetry is always so wonderful.
    Sorry to be away. No home internet and mom’s health is fading away… sending you love and hugs. I’ll be back in touch soon and thanks for the fb love.

    • Thanks for the note, Sue!! Still no internet. How frustrating.

      I miss your presence, but am so thankful your mom has your sweet company these days. Thinking of you…sorry for what you’re going through. ~Love, Lori

  5. Love this! I’m picturing the sun shining even at night for this newly-in-love couple. Makes me smile at the memories. Sometimes, even now after nearly 42 years, I feel what your beautiful poem describes. Old love can be new again every day.

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