18 thoughts on “The Metronome

  1. How wonderfully you’ve captured this boy’s plight. I can see the image clearly, and you have me pulling for your young hero. I like this a lot.

    • I appreciate students who keep (anywhere close) to a steady beat, so the metronome is like a dear friend to me. I find your opposing perspective quite amusing, Prude.

  2. Lori, my students return today for the fall semester. Thank you for a great post! I can feel my muscles tense as I will him to keep pace with the dreaded gnome. I mean ‘nome! (ha)

    • “Dreaded moment.” Hurray for adulthood. No one can ever make you use a metronome again if you don’t want to. Thanks for your generous comment.

  3. i found the metronome intimidating. Alas I fear I, too would finish last. Great Lori! I feel the pain!

  4. masterful and solid, I really enjoy your tone in this piece, Lori.
    I often find myself sprinting needlessly; a metronome might be just the thing for me these days.

    • So great to have you stop by the patio. We’re all fine…I’m busy adjusting to a new job and figuring out a writing schedule. Hope you are well! Hugs from WI. xoxo

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