33 thoughts on “At The Party

  1. Oh, this sounds like me, Lori. Nicely done–character development in four lines. I also loved your work at the Barn Door earlier this week, but didn’t have my laptop to respond.

      • OH I bet, I see so many out there CLUELESS to the aspect of showing respect for others things 😦 When the party is in full swing and everyone is merry lol I am sure a lot forget what their Mama’s told them 🙂

  2. Thank you for the giggle this morning! I hate it when people do this. I love how you take things we can all relate to and create a wonderful word picture!

  3. There once lived a gentleman here well-known in town for his work with repairing and restoring pianos who unfortunately in old age went blind. With the help of his wife, he continued his work. I called him once to tune my old upright to which he replied he was nearly finished restoring a baby grand and perhaps I’d like to see it. I said my family is large, I’ve no room. He said put it in the dining room to which I replied where will we eat? Throw a tablecloth over it, there is always room for music.

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