21 thoughts on “Savannah Skies

  1. Hi Lori! So glad I had some time to swing by – what a sweet and touching poem. I’m always so impressed with how much emotion you pack into so few words.
    lovely my dear.

    • I’ve missed you, LN. The patio has missed you. I’m so happy to see your picture and your words here again. Thanks for stopping by with your sunshine-y comment. It’s a happier day…I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing down the mountain road in VT. Big hug–Lori

  2. Isn’t it interesting that we live in an existence where we are positioned in time, space, and location? And yet, our souls know instinctively that there are other possibilities. Lovely thought….

    • It must be the mother in you, Dor. My oldest girl is studying in Savannah. Two years ago she lived in Hong Kong, so Savannah is much closer (to WI). 🙂

    • Thank you for the delightfully alliterative comment, Resa. How did you guess it’s my daughter in Savannah, and her name begins with P? 😀

      It’s getting chilly on the patio. Time to pull the blankets out. xoxo

      • I don’t know, and I hope your dear one, your daughter is fine and wonderful! (What is her name?) Lori I go on instinct, and Patio begins with a P as well! A cozy blanket sounds about right these fall days. Take care! _Resa xo

        • Our daughter Paige is doing well and working hard. We’re proud of her. This mother just misses her sometimes. 🙂

          Your chair and your special monogrammed blanket is always here for you on the patio. Hope your work is going well, Resa. xoxo

        • Paige sounds like an amazing daughter, and you are an amazing wonderful mother!
          I’m honored to have my blanket on your patio. Thank you so much, Lori!
          Work is hard… but satisfying! _Resa xoxo

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