Celebrate. 2013 Stats. Thanks.

It’s time to celebrate!  My annual blog report from WordPress has arrived. Thank you, readers. Thanks especially to those who take time to comment. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You help (more than you know) to keep me writing.

How about some chocolate? As a thank you, I’d love to send some chocolate to my most active commenters. The top five commenters on Poetry Patio in 2013 were:

1. Susan Bahr from Vermont  (Down the Mountain Road)

2. Resa McConaghy from Vancouver, Canada (Resa’s websiteArt Gowns)

3. Joanie from WI (Joanie Shawhan/In Her Shoes)

4. Robin Steinweg from WI (writes for Barn Door and Music Teacher’s Helper)

5. Dorannrule (Dor) from Virginia (Virginia Views)

Thank you, thank you for your support! Send your mailing address to me at lipskypatio [at] gmail.com and I’ll send some chocolates your way.

More Stats: Visitors came to Poetry Patio from 81 countries in 2013. Besides the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia were not far behind.

My most commented on post was Devotion.

My most viewed poem was A Sleeping Baby (written in 2012).

My busiest day of the year was the day I posted the poem Good Morning.

For fun, I’ve included those three short poems below. Happy New Year!

All the best to you in 2014!  ~Lori


Good Morning
Sing, Dance, Hum
Shout out the window
Clash the cymbals

Another new day
by Lori Lipsky
photo credit: jamesbenet/istockphoto


A Sleeping Baby

When trouble crowds in
Watch a baby sleep
Touch a baby arm
Kiss a baby hand

When stress climbs high
Whiff a little baby smell
Rock a baby, nuzzle
Watch a baby sleep

by Lori Lipsky
photo credit:istockphoto/Kristina Greke



Devotion is 
better measured
by time
than enthusiasm
by Lori Lipsky

Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. 
*Married June 6, 1953*

22 thoughts on “Celebrate. 2013 Stats. Thanks.

  1. Great shot of parents. My mother passed Sept of 2012 just twelve days shy of their 67th anniversary. I did not take after them in this regard as most of mine lasted about 67 days. Great stats. Best wishes continued success 2014.

  2. Lori, reading three of your (many) best poems is a terrific piece of kicking off 2014. To quote and paraphrase you, “Sing, Dance, Hum
    Shout out the window
    Clash the cymbals

    Another new…” Year! Happy New Year!

  3. Dear Lori, So wonderful and inspiring to read your blog news! Congratulations for work well done. I am sorry haven’t supported you as much as I should. Life has been demanding my full attention, and unfortunately, my attention span is not what it used to be. Hoping, one day will be easier. Wishing you the best Life and the Muses have to offer, hoping that all your dreams come true and all your goals are met in 2014! May love and peace reign in our hearts and among the people of the world!!!

    Warm regards,

    Katina Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 17:28:21 +0000 To: katiakantzia@msn.com

    • What a treat to hear from you again, Katina. Thank you for your support of my poetry. May kindness find you in 2014. All the best to you. Happy writing. ~Lori

  4. Congratulations! Poetry Patio is such a great place to hang out, no matter the season.
    Looking forward to another year of truth and beauty and kindness and a touch of whimsy.

    • Truth, beauty, kindness, whimsy. Great goals for me in 2014. Thank you for your support of my writing, Anita.

      Best wishes with your upcoming book release on January 22! I am so excited. Can’t wait! ~Lori

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your support of my poetry in 2013. It’s always a delight to have you on the patio. The heat is on and the blankets are out today. A pleasant 2014 to you! *hugs* Lori

  5. brilliant share, Lori. I had not seen any of these three. I love each. cheers to your anniversary, and another year of sublime poetry!

  6. Lori, you are such a dear to even think of sending chocolates. Your mention is quite enough and I’m just delighted I made the list of constant comments. Love your poetry!

    • I have the chocolate ready to send. Shoot me your address if you’d like any. Thank you for following and being a major contributor here, Dor!!

    • Thank you for all your support, Resa! I’ve a sweet treat for you if you care to send your address over. All the best to you in 2014! hugs…

  7. 81 countries? Wow, it is amazing how, thanks to technology, the world has become so much smaller and we get to interact with wonderful people all over the world, like they were sitting across the table from us. Your words always put a smile in my heart and the Sleeping Baby and Devotion posts are, in their simplicity, so moving and so beautiful.

    • I love your new picture. It’s always terrific to hear from you… all the way from South Africa!! Always great to have you on the patio, Jacquie!

  8. Congratulations. So while you celebrate with sending chocolates to your readers, what is it you plan to do for yourself?

    Have fun and continue to be amazing.


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