The Knitter

Clothing Hanging on a Rack

The Knitter

to show her love
she knit him a sweater
praying as she worked
with size two needles

bless the man 
who wears this sweater
with health, respect, riches
and love throughout his lifetime

He tried it on
to be polite
then tossed the perfect-fit
on a rear closet shelf—

Months after he’d
disposed of the knitter
he donated
the never-worn sweater, and now

hours of knitted prayers
await the man
who hunts for love
on a Goodwill rack
by Lori Lipsky
photo: DonNichols/istockphoto

I'm pleased to announce I'll be one of the 
featured readers this Sunday, February 16, taking part
in the Winter Festival of Poetry, sponsored by
the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. You are
cordially invited to attend. Free at 2pm at 
The Fountain of Madison, 122 State Street, 
Madison, Wisconsin.
Also participating on Sunday will be former WI Poet
Laureate, Marilyn Taylor, and Shoshauna Shy.

21 thoughts on “The Knitter

  1. Aren’t Marilyn and Shoshauna fortunate to share a stage with you! This poem started me out warm and cozy, got me completely unraveled in the middle and ended with a nice jab at the ungrateful ***** who dumped the sweater. Loved the way you finished it off. This is a purl.

  2. First I was “Aww, sniff.” Then I was “‘ It figures.” Then an indignant “Jerk!”
    Ah, but then, Lori, you had me in stitches…

    I look forward to your reading at The Fountain this coming Sunday. It’ll be a good time.

  3. An entire tale in so few words. Reminds me of the start of a legend. One from rags to riches and lifted spirits.

  4. Loved that, Lori… Truly blessed will be the man… 😉
    All the very best for the Winter Festival; so good to be amongst those who compliment..! 🙂

  5. Telling stories through poetry can be a difficult art, but what you pull off here is worth reading. What I like about it is that the poem, making a comment about the vagaries of love, captures how a woman pours her spirit into the creation of the sweater, filling it with prayers, giving us a good idea of her character. Then we discover the character of the man receiving the sweater. He certainly belongs in Goodwill along with the cast-offs of other people’s lives.

  6. Congratulations Lori on being a selected “reader” at the Winter Festival. Will this poem be featured? It is amazing! I kept thinking of my husband’s green sweater that was the last thing his sister knitted for him before she died. He cherishes it so and hardly gives me time to have it cleaned. Your poem makes me sad that the man is so callous. On the other hand,Good Will may turn up a more worthy soul.

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