Small Town Haiku

Small Town Haiku


down Maple Street

next door to the library—

the gingko tree


by Lori Lipsky

I grew up in a small town, on Maple Avenue. Down on the other end of the block was the library, and next door (you guessed it), the town’s only gingko tree. Our class once took a walking field trip to see the tree and learn about it.

Another small town poem of mine appears at the Barn Door. Your comments there are much appreciated. Thank you for reading. Lori

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14 thoughts on “Small Town Haiku

  1. Lori, I had to look it up, and glad I did. Good for teachers who plant long-lived memories in our minds! For me, it was a driver’s ed. teacher who pointed out every catalpa tree in town. 🙂

    • I looked yours up, too. I remember looking catalpa tree up once before, about fifteen years ago when a friend of mine lived on Catalpa Road in Madison and I carpooled with her once a week.

  2. I was reminded of the library in the small town we lived, when I was young, a beautiful old brick building. The trees I remember were the horse chestnut trees, that I would walk by, when coming home from school. My brother and I would pick up the brown shiny nuts and bring them home.

    • It was a good place to grow up. My mom sometimes had me walk down the block and carry home Agatha Christie mysteries for her. Maximum checkout, five.

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  4. Hey, look at me all back and stuff! Sorry to be gone for so long – well, you know why. So glad to find you again. Lovely Haiku my dear. As always! Cheers- LN

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