Recurring Dream

Black and white roses bouquet

Recurring Dream


Caught in a marriage

without an escape route


I roll over

open my eyes


and find I’m with the man

of my choice


not the man

of my dreams


by Lori Lipsky

photo: Majesticca/istockphoto

18 thoughts on “Recurring Dream

  1. Love this, Lori. So few words that to eloquently capture what marriage is (or should) be. Willing captivity. No escape, but by choice. Thought-provoking poem!

  2. Wow, powerful! This is speaking to my spirit. I didn’t know it before, but I’ve recently found out and have accepted that my marriage is over. Thanks to my husband, I’ve spent too many years with the wrong man. He was wrong for me in many ways. I thought that he was my soul mate. As the years went by I learned that he was a woof in sheep’s clothing. I had no way of knowing that a reoccurring dream would bring me here to this site. Thanks for your insight into the matter.

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