Mom’s Kitchen

Mom’s Kitchen


After all these years she’s

got it down—


the ministry of buttermilk pancakes with

crisp bacon


the Butterball turkey with

sage stuffing


hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy and mashed



banana cream pie with real

whipping cream


perfectly ripened fruits and colors-of-the-rainbow

vegetables, and


sending us back home with a bounty of

leftovers, and


hearty invitations for future visits to the place we’re always welcome—

but till then


we’re back to our trend-of-the-moment

green smoothies


meals in restaurants without

all the love


and simple, unremarkable home-cooked meals that no one seems to

rave about


because no one can ever

cook like Mom


by Lori Lipsky

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom

birthday concept with gifts and sparks

26 thoughts on “Mom’s Kitchen

  1. Oh my mouth is watering! And look at your sweet mom! Lucky you! I’m so glad to see your wonderful poem, LL, I know life is busy. I’m happy with whatever you have time to share. You’re the best!

  2. Bless, bless your mom on her 80th birthday. I have only to know you to see the mother–and the wonderful person–she has been and is! Happy Birthday, DorEtta!

  3. I love you kid and really glad we could live this long to enjoy you and your sister and brother.We or I should say am glad to beat you at any game we play,looking forward to our game day. Love, Mom.

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