About Lori Lipsky

My poetry has appeared in Penwood Review, Flutter Journal, Pegasus Review, Red Poppy Review, Bolts of Silk, a Handful of Stones, Camel Saloon, Sparkbright and other publications. I live near Madison, Wisconsin with my husband and one of our daughters. Our other daughter studies art history and photography in Hong Kong. My husband travels for business and sometimes I get to tag along. Art, music, history, nature and relationships are common themes in my writing. You may contact me at lorilipsky@gmail.com, on Facebook or Twitter@LoriSLipsky.

Something is Not from Nothing



Something is Not from Nothing


if you don’t recite the poem

if you don’t sing the solo

if you don’t write the book

if you don’t give the speech


you don’t allow failure its opportunity


but instead


guarantee it


“You can’t do something with nothing” Daphne Gray-Grant

poem by Lori Lipsky

photo credit: marcfischer/istockphoto