Something is Not from Nothing



Something is Not from Nothing


if you don’t recite the poem

if you don’t sing the solo

if you don’t write the book

if you don’t give the speech


you don’t allow failure its opportunity


but instead


guarantee it


“You can’t do something with nothing” Daphne Gray-Grant

poem by Lori Lipsky

photo credit: marcfischer/istockphoto


Poppy Road Review Annual Edition


I’m happy to share that the Poppy Road Review Annual Edition (2011), released in print version on August 28, 2014, is now available on Amazon. Included is my Rome Travel Books poem, written after a memorable visit to the Keats Museum which is located
at the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Poppy Road Review is a literary arts journal featuring poetry and artwork, founded and edited by Sandy Benitez. I invite you to discover Poppy Road Review online as well.

Lori Lipsky