the milk is gone and we need some for breakfast

the wastebaskets are full


a light bulb in the kitchen has burnt out

the toilet is running


the furnace filter needs to be replaced

a spider is in the tub


a branch has fallen down in the backyard

the car won’t start—


no matter what it is

Dad will take care of it—


you can always count on him


by Lori Lipsky

Happy 85th birthday, Neil Nelson!

Happy 85th birthday, Neil Nelson!

Mom’s Kitchen

Mom’s Kitchen


After all these years she’s

got it down—


the ministry of buttermilk pancakes with

crisp bacon


the Butterball turkey with

sage stuffing


hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy and mashed



banana cream pie with real

whipping cream


perfectly ripened fruits and colors-of-the-rainbow

vegetables, and


sending us back home with a bounty of

leftovers, and


hearty invitations for future visits to the place we’re always welcome—

but till then


we’re back to our trend-of-the-moment

green smoothies


meals in restaurants without

all the love


and simple, unremarkable home-cooked meals that no one seems to

rave about


because no one can ever

cook like Mom


by Lori Lipsky

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom

birthday concept with gifts and sparks

Friends and Family

Friends and Family by Lori Lipsky

Good friends of today
become old friends,
lost friends
friends we haven't seen
in twenty years,
in forty years, but

only death can
separate family, and
then, just for a time

My deepest sympathy to dear WP friend Resa on the loss of her beautiful mother. Resa wrote a lovely poem on a difficult day, which she shares over at Queen’s End. ~Lori