The Barn Door and Roses


I’m over at the Barn Door dreaming and writing about roses from a Midwestern perspective. Click here to see my photos of roses from Sonoma County, CA and Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses.

I can’t wait to see roses around my Wisconsin neighborhood. It’s been an almost-eternal winter, but it won’t be long now…the crocus and tulip greens are up in front of my house.

Your comments over at the Barn Door are appreciated. Thank you friends for your support! ~Lori

Next Saturday

Next Saturday

I could read the lyrics of Yeats
sing a Schubert song
listen to Mozart’s Magic Flute
view the Rembrandt exhibit

I could read treasured letters
collected over the years,
share a meal with cherished friends
visit a gorgeous rose garden

But if I owned the freedom to choose
my selection, based on love
would save the rest for another time
and leave Saturday for you
by Lori Lipsky

The Work of One

The Work of One by Lori Lipsky

Hands and back
of one man labor to
prepare the feast
for hundreds of eyes

Each day he works
he weeds, he waters
while others stroll past
to consume the banquet


photo credit: Anita Klumpers

location: Millie’s Restaurant and Shopping Village, Delavan, Wisconsin