Errand Day

Shoe Shoppe

Errand Day

Five clerks served up
my daily portion of human

One had a cold—I pitied him
then disinfected
my hands

Two expressed only unhappiness
eager for her shift
to end

Three talked all the while to her co-worker
seeing right
through me

Four never thought to make eye contact
or smile

Five brought kindness back to my world
infusing my evening with pleasant

by Lori Lipsky
photo credit: istockphoto/photoeuphoria

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The Widow On The Block

Red door



The Widow on the Block

The red of her door says welcome
open blinds indicate she’s home

She knows the name of every neighbor
keeps cookies and snacks at the ready

She invites us over
at every opportunity

but usually we just wave
as we drive by—

the children keep
tight schedules

by Lori Lipsky, April 2013
photo: JoLin/iStockphoto

The Widow

The Widow by Lori Lipsky 

The two hold hands 
Each evening 
As they stroll 
By her home 

From her kitchen window 
She sees them pass 
And remembers
A better time 

~published by Sparkbright Magazine,issue 7, December, 2011

photo credit: iStockphoto, Don Bayley

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