The Volunteer


The Volunteer

This day, like many days
filled itself with those things
which are seldom noticed
except when left undone

Beds were made
Bills paid
Meals prepared
Dishwasher filled
Laundry washed, dried, folded, put away
Toilets cleaned
Floor vacuumed
Rugs shaken
Garbage hauled to the curb
Mail opened and dealt with

And tomorrow
I am scheduled to volunteer
since the woman on the phone today
thought it would be nice for me
to have something to do
by Lori Lipsky
photo credit: istockphoto/fatihhoca

After The Dryer

single gray sport sock isolated on white background

After The Dryer by Lori Lipsky

Hidden, they slumber, in
my bottom drawer

They deserve less, maybe
dungeon or trench

Concealed on purpose to
postpone the fray

Contents spill over, all
singles, no mates

Trumpet cries for warfare
time for the fight

Long dreaded task to match
stray, wayward socks

They deserve less, maybe 
dungeon or trench


A syllabic poem. 
photo credit: iStockphoto/Maksym Bondarchuk