Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell


Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Russell 
by Lori Lipsky

~oil on canvas, Charles Peale (1741-1827)
displayed at the Chazen Museum, Madison, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell
moved to Wisconsin from out East
over a century ago, but find themselves
still together and happy
after all these years


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Monet’s Grainstacks In Bright Sunlight

Monet’s Grainstacks in Bright Sunlight by Lori Lipsky

Not far beyond his farmhouse door,
not long beyond a summertime

stood two stout haystacks in a field,
built by human labors.

Defined by light, by season,
exposed to nature’s forces,

pointed high, up to heaven
from Giverny’s open spaces.

With distinctive power, with
modulated pallet, the

artist extended life
to haystacks, and

offered future eyes consent to
share his simple country view.


Hill-Stead Museum, 35 Mountain Road in Farmington, Connecticut 
houses Monet's Grainstacks in Bright Sunlight painting.
photo credit: Hill-Stead Museum website.