Three Horses In The Cold

Three Horses in the Cold

There stood three geldings strong
Side by side
Near the fence—
We paused our hike
In admiration
And they returned our gaze

From the horizontal bars
Of metal pipe fence
Hung neat rows of
Miniature icicles—
A delicate
Crystal valance

by Lori Lipsky
first published by Bolts of Silk, January 2012
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After Mother’s Day, Two Poems


After Mother’s Day

robins will get their worm
flowers will have their turn
eternal winter will finish firm—
after Mother’s Day

No Doubt

Before the end of
Winter Eternal
the robins sang
a deceptive song

crocuses poked
up their greens
the Midwest smiled, then
more snow fell…and more

but Midwesterners know
without a doubt
eternity ends
without a doubt

and it’s safe to plant
without a doubt
since winter dies
until next year

without a doubt—
after Mother’s Day

I was raised in southern Wisconsin, and I descend from a line of Iowan farmers. Growing up I learned that it’s never safe to plant until after Mother’s Day (and even then, you might be smart to wait a bit). These two poems are dedicated to my northern friends who’ve experienced snow this week. ~Lori

photo:Tobias Keckel/istockphoto