The Widow On The Block

Red door



The Widow on the Block

The red of her door says welcome
open blinds indicate she’s home

She knows the name of every neighbor
keeps cookies and snacks at the ready

She invites us over
at every opportunity

but usually we just wave
as we drive by—

the children keep
tight schedules

by Lori Lipsky, April 2013
photo: JoLin/iStockphoto

Autumn Worries

Autumn Worries

When the last leaf falls
and streets go gray

When days cut their hours
and dark shades each end

When temperatures drop low
when furnaces blow strong

What will the widow do?

With caution she walks
to the curb for her mail

But when ice coats her way
when her food supply drops

when snow piles high
to block her escape

When strong winds blow
and she lives all alone

What will the widow do?

by Lori Lipsky

A Goodbye

A Goodbye 

Squeezed behind the wheel
of his well-used compact
he backed out of the drive
of the only home
he'd ever known,
using side mirrors
because his belongings
piled in the backseat  
blocked the view.

As he put the car in drive
to pull away, he waved
to his newly-widowed mother
as she stood on the front step
with tears held back, hand waving,
mouth smiling against its will.

And off he drove 
to his first job,
and back she turned
to pat the dog's head
and begin her own adventure—
living alone for the first time
in her life.

by Lori Lipsky